Bahay ni Tuding in Davao City

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Or: A cosy retreat in one of the world’s largest cities

Bahay ni Tuding, hotel in Davao CityOn a quiet lane way off San Pedro Street exists Bahay ni Tuding*. An unexpected oasis from the bustle of Davao city and a stone’s throw away from the quirky San Pedro’s Cathedral, this charming little boutique hotel offers a reprieve from the day’s activities, of which there are many in Mindanao’s capital city.

Davao is known for it’s variety of restaurants and cosmopolitan lifestyle. A short stroll away from the hotel is Rizal Street, loaded with options for those seeking a good feed and some entertainment. But get into a car or taxi and the gastronomic possibilities are endless. And for a city as large as Davao, it’s surprisingly easy to get around.

Sprawling over an impressive 2,400 square kilometres, embraced by Davao Gulf along it’s east, anchored by Mount Apo to it’s south west and the promise of Bukidnon to its north, this city is unlike any other in the Philippines. Money has been spent on its infrastructure, road rules are actually obeyed and a total smoking ban enforced in all covered areas.

China Town, Davao City

Visit also Chinatown in Davao City. Image by Shubert Ciencia under the CC BY-2.0 License

Despite it’s more organised, less hectic persona, Davao is a city which, when it’s alive, it’s really alive – as if the 2am city wide shut down encourages party-goers to make the most of those few hours available to them. And what is one to do when bed is still not beckoning after a long dinner and four hour ktv (karaoke tv) session with friends…

why not a visit to one of the 24 hour massage centres? Completely legit (do not ask for happy endings here), it seems like a perfectly reasonable activity to engage in after road tripping into town, celebrating over a great meal and marathon ‘singing’ your hearts out to Bonnie Tyler. Surely an hour long treatment for tired, slightly intoxicated muscles is the trick to send you off to lala land in preparation for the next day’s activities.

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Discover Davao City and start from Bahay ni Tuding Inn & Resto.

Whether you opt to spend the day engaged in endeavours that are more physical (diving, hiking, rafting) or cultural (museums, parks) or simply exploring parts of the city, coming home to Bahay ni Tuding (meaning Tuding’s house) is a pleasure for weary adventurers. Away from the noise and distraction of street vendors, yet central enough to allow you to step out again, it is the ideal location to recharge your batteries in the simple but tastefully decorated rooms or in one of it’s inviting balconied areas.

Bahay ni Tuding, Davao

Stay at Bahay ni Tuding, Davao City

clean rooms in Bahay ni Tuding

The rooms in Bahay ni Tuding are not too spacious but are very clean, esp. the bathrooms match high standards

If you are travelling through Davao in a private vehicle, the complementary off street parking behind the hotel is a welcome bonus. The staff are truly helpful with everything from bringing water jugs to the room to researching information for any of the city’s sights or tours that you may show interest in. Mel, the lovely and charming hostess is genuinely interested in finding out patrons’ opinions on potential improvements to the hotel, their service and the cafe’s menu in order to make Bahay ni Tuding* feel like your bahay too.

Make a reservation at Bahay ni Tuding now at* or*.

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