Who are we?

We are a tour company that offers individualized tours in the Philippines. We have German-Filipino-Australian-Spanish roots and are well travelled – not only across the 7107 islands!

We have travelled the Philippines since 1984 more than 40 times and want to…

  • promote the beautiful Philippine nature, its islands and its friendly people
  • provide an exceptional travel service, combine German efficiency with Filipino hospitality, Spanish fiesta mentality and Australian “no worries” approach
  • support and create sustainable local structures, mainly in the field of tourism
  • support an exchange of cultures
  • create a network of realiable partners in the sense of “kapwa”
  • inspire people to discover more, learn for life and experience the beauty even in simple things and moments
  • support young people concerning education and create opportunities.

If you want to really discover the Philippines, then feel free to contact us. We are always happy to get the best out of your trip to this wonderful country, bring you to amazing beaches, help you make awesome experiences and get in touch with the friendly Filipinas and Filipinos.

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